AGILE CHANGE MANAGEMENT – MASTER CLASS by Human Change Management Institute

Agile projects, now commonplace in most organizations, have not properly clarified the role of change management and this has led to chaos and disarray on projects. Lack of clarity around the human aspect involved in the change has in most cases led to a little bit of everything: well-meaning people trying to do something without the support of top management, people with little technical knowledge trying to “change the organization” in “any manner possible”, executives “buying” ready-made frameworks as “magic solution” to their problems. Join us in our second FREE MASTER CLASS as we discuss modern techniques of integrating the human factor into agile approaches. We will also explore how the concept of agility can be used to introduce changes incrementally and adaptively as well as define clarity around how change management creates value on agile projects. To download the first chapters of our books, as well as to register for the classes, please visit: